My Work Experiences

My professional record is tremendous and varied in its’ scope. At nineteen years of age I was a full time student at Forest College while working my first job. I worked with the Central Post Office Depot on the night shift reloading packages. After working my evening shift I went directly to school in the mornings. Sleep was a commodity in those days of my youth, and difficult to come by. While continuing in my studies I also worked as a computer operator for the Geographic Information System, as a construction worker, then as a secretary in the central branch of a computer retailer. I was also a forester, sawmill manual laborer, an advertisement salesman and also sold insurance and investment products, all while continuing my studies at the college.

After graduating from college with a diploma in Forestry Engineering, I started work as a specialist in forestry planning. I thoroughly enjoyed my work in that position. Mondays to Fridays I enjoyed the woods and nature, and on weekends enjoyed family time. It took two years to attain the position of a specialist with the Geographic Information System. I then became manager of a large GIS forestry project. Seeing an opportunity arise, I began the venture of establishing my own company working as a web developer, web content creator, ICT consultant, trainer and facilitator. I supervised five employees during that time. During these years I was in the position of chairman of the E-Commerce Association, was a lay judge, then a member of a small municipality board and was a member of a political think-tank team. I also enjoyed being part of leadership at a Pentecostal church that I was a member of.

As time passed, my consultancy work prevailed and I began work as a project consultant. I was a facilitator in charge of regional strategic plans. I worked as a project manager, financial manager and supervisor. During this time I decided to enroll and study Public and Social Policy in college and also worked as a researcher. I have published several articles and collaborated in writing two books.

Working now in public policy issues, I manage a professional forest association with two thousand member in forty branches. I consult for governing bodies (ministries and counties).

I have enjoyed greatly my work in the non-profit sector. I am currently a board member of several non-profit organizations (Local Action Group, NGO in Social and Health industry and NGO in Supporting Services) and one Foundation. Although my involvement in these are voluntary and unpaid positions – I have come away from each place with another realm of skill sets that I wouldn’t have without these experiences.

Please see more of my professional biography which is on Linkedin.