• To get better grades?
  • To spend less time studying?
  • To understand complex topics fast?
  • To have fun in college/university?

Of course you do. We can help you to adopt new ways to study.

Our course "Improve Your Study Skills in Two Horus — Ace Exams" is the first step on the road to becoming the best student you can be. Find new ways to study! Our other course, "Boost Your Study Skills — Learn Deeper Learning Fast" will give your study time the turbo boost you need to be an academic expert.


  • Find important information easily.
  • Manage your time to get it all done.
  • Take notes that zero in on what’s important.
  • Use memorization techniques to improve your recall.
  • Use resources more effectively and efficiently.
  • Have fun and responsibilities in balance!


If you use our approach, you will see results immediately.

These new ways to study using deeper learning methods helped me when I was in University. They helped my children. They have helped many others. They’ll help you too.

Do you have a tough exam coming up? Spending a few minutes with our courses will help you ace it. These aren’t test taking tips, these are proven techniques that will help you learn huge amount of materials faster than you ever imagined.

If you use our techniques, your grades will improve. It’s just that simple.

These techniques provide long-term results, but only if you take the courses seriously and follow the techniques step by step. Be patient. Some results will come quickly, but for the best results, you’ll have to practice, practice, practice.


The courses are designed for motivated high school and every college/university student, but if you’re older, don’t be ashamed to take the course.

Learning doesn’t stop when you leave school and these techniques will give your career the extra boost you’ve been looking for.


When you subscribe to the courses, you will receive lifetime access to all the lectures, self-evaluation tests, quizzes, and tons of other inspiring materials.

All of this for less than you’d pay for an hour of private tutoring.

We provide 30 day money back guarantee so feel free to ask your money back if you don't find our courses useful.

You find our courses also on Udemy platform, Learn Social or Skilfeed if you prefer.


We offer free lectures that will explain how and why the course was designed, before explaining how we all have different learning styles.

If you get something out of the free lectures, the whole course will give you so much more. Don’t wait, make the investment in yourself, and make it today.

Study less. Learn more. Do it today.

You can also join the SGC to receive long-term discounts, access to special offers and to be sure you will not miss any news about the project.


I love hearing from students about these techniques. Once you’ve taken the courses, please write a review or feel free to e-mail me with your story. Tell me how the course helped you. Tell me what worked well, and if something didn’t work, I want to know that, too.

Your feedback is important to me!

I hope you will try these courses. I think you’ll like them, and I know they can help you be the best student you can be.

Make school fun again.

Vit Skala, Ph.D.

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