Dr. Vit Skala Releases new Online Course for Fathers to Help their Teens Succeed

Senozaty, Czech Republic – May 4, 2015 – Dr. Vit Skala, founder of the online learning service School Can Be Fun, announced that he’s released a new online Udemy course for fathers, “Motivate Your Teenager to Study Effectively”. The new course focuses on fathers, helping them communicate with their teen children about school, study habits, and establishing priorities.

“There are many students around the world that are depressed due to the very high expectations placed on them to succeed and the amount of competition among students,” said Skala. “The courses help them with the tools they need to succeed and understand what’s truly important in their life.”

More than 1,600 students worldwide participate in Skala’s courses, but many others aren’t aware of them. The newest offering brings fathers to the forefront of their youngster’s educational process.

The course emphasizes how fathers can help their children by focusing on smart study techniques, strategies for success and how to harmoniously integrate learning in the brain so that their study skills will be permanently improved. Fathers will learn how to communicate effectively with their teens and guide them toward a successful pathway to the future.

Fathers play a larger role in their children’s attitudes and future success than they realize. Skala’s new offering helps fathers reveal their child’s creativity, learning style and personality type, and how to teach their child to face major challenges with confidence.

The course includes techniques for speaking with a child about time management, setting priorities, defining goals, and managing time and tasks. The course features 22 lectures, 2 hours of video and 1.5 hours of live coaching in English. The course assumes fathers will spend about one additional hour per week with their child speaking about the topic of the particular lecture. Enrollment includes lifetime access, a 30-day money back guarantee and a certificate of completion. It’s available on iOS and Android platforms.

Teens face enormous challenges in today’s academic arena resulting is excessive stress, the potential for failure and depression among a significant number of students. Fathers have the ability to make a powerful impact on their teens, but many don’t know how to approach a great variety of topics. Skala’s new course shows them how to do so with love and acceptance.

Despite the popularity of rote educational styles in schools, children don’t learn in the same ways. They each have specific strengths that can be utilized to excel while respecting their individuality. School Can Be Fun courses provide parents and students with the skills and resources to help them achieve their goals.


“Motivate Your Teenager to Study Effectively” is a curriculum for fathers who want their teens to excel in school and life. Skala utilizes his extensive educational and professional expertise to help fathers guide and motivate their teens in academics, personal discipline and discovering their special gifts for success.


Dr. Vit Skala is the founder of School Can Be Fun, an online learning center and resource designed to help students succeed. Skala is a highly sought public speaker, facilitator, coach, trainer and teacher with more than 20 years of experience working with youngsters of all ages with health diseases and emotional issues. He’s studied at universities in Brno, Prague and Vancouver. Skala has taught at Charles University in Prague, along with numerous courses on time and project management. He is a doctor of public and social policy with certification in education and coaching. School Can Be Fun maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr.


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